T&M Forwarding launches North American Office

Growing Trade Opportunities/TPP Require Growing Operations
To better support its partners, agents and seize emerging TPP opportunities, T&M Forwarding is launching North American operations from its Seattle-area office. The office will allow agents and customers to work directly with a live person on American time zones, ensuring better, faster, and more reliable service.
According to North American VP Susan Xuan, “TPP is going to enable Vietnam- Americas trade to explode. We want to be the first to offer American agents a ‘partner on the ground’, one who understands the language, the industry, and the need for quick and effective communication. 
Having North American operations will allow T&M to serve our partner agents better than any other VN based competitor can.”
TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) will double or triple North America-Vietnam trade, particularly in garment, shoe, furniture, seafood and various other sectors. Those who are best positioned for this momentous change will win massive business opportunities and growth.
About T&M Forwarding: T&M Forwarding Ltd. is an Integrated Logistics Services provider, serving all of our clients’ transportation and logistics needs. T&M has more than 60 dedicated  staff in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Haiphong, Danang, and now Seattle, as well as affiliates in every other major Vietnamese city and more than 500 business partners/agents worldwide.
Contact Name: Susan Xuan  
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US Cell: +1.360.808.7638 
VN Cell & Viber: +84 908808782 / +84 903808782

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