Shipping two-way Vietnam and US


T&M Forwarding specializes in shipping goods to the US and importing goods from the US to Vietnam, including shipping services to Amazon’s warehouses at all locations.


Transportation items:

– Construction and project cargo

– Food items: dry products, confectionery, fruit, etc.

– Industrial and agricultural products

– Household goods, electronic equipment: machines, phones, computers, etc.

– Garments, footwear, handbags, etc.

– Cosmetic products, functional foods

– Display items, furniture, wood, etc.


Advantages of our goods transportation service:

– Diversified services: Shipping from port to port, shipping Door to Door (from the sender to the recipient)

– Fast shipping, competitive prices (due to our large and regular monthly transported goods volume)

– Monitoring the schedule of goods 24/7 through advanced tracking systems

– Quick service, timely, unloading and shipping goods carefully

– Taking most international routes, especially delivering products to the US to all States

– Informing customers when the cargo on the way and go to the recipient

– Clear invoices and documents

The demand for shipping goods to the US today in Vietnam is quite large due to the increase in commercial cooperation between the two countries in recent years as well as the people’s better life. The US market is one of the major markets in the world for shipments to and from Vietnam, especially recent sales demand on the world’s largest e-commerce site – Amazon of Vietnamese enterprises is rising.

With a team of experienced, dedicated and careful staffs in every shipment as well as loading and unloading goods for customers, we ensure our customers’ goods are safe and minimize damaged and lost goods possibility (even for shipping goods to the US by ship). Shipments of customers will be delivered to the right place, right people and the right time. Customers can track the shipment’s journey 24/7 in real time.

We always focus on technology application; improve service quality to support customers in the best way. Using our shipping service to the US, customers can be assured that their shipment is closely monitored by a team of professional, responsible, qualified staffs who understand the local cultures and can resolve issues in depth and timely service.

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