• June 25th 1996, T&M Forwarding was born in Vietnam.
  • 1998 T&M Forwarding joined World Cargo Alliance – an Int’l Freight Forwarder Network in the United States – as a Founding Member.
  • April 1999 T&M’s President attended the 1st Int’l Conference in Miami, Florida, US.
  • April 2000 T&M’s Vice President & Biz Development Manager attended the 2nd Int’l Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US.
  • July 13, 2000, the signing of the Bilateral Trade Agreement marked a key step in the historic reconciliation between the United States and Vietnam. By normalizing trade relations and committing Vietnam to sweeping economic reforms, it helped lay the foundation for a new American relationship with Vietnam. Right after this day, T&M was proud to be one of earliest freight forwarders in Vietnam to ship a high volume of containers to the United States. Those very first shipments from Vietnamese manufacturers, including clothing, shoes, furniture and consumer goods. This opened a new big dream market for Vietnam: The United States of America.
  • November 2015, T&M launched a Rep Office in Seattle which was an exceptional and important step to cover T&M Full Time Services 24/7 for the US trade lane & provided additional value for customers using T&M’s Logistics Services.
  • A year later, T&M officially registered for US Federal Maritime Commissioner FMC OTI-NVOCC license no.#026164. This authorizes the licensee to issue its own house bills of lading (HB/L), to set its own selling rates for ocean and intermodal shipments, and to enter into service contracts with ocean carriers. It helped T&M put its name into the list of safer & preferable service providers for the Vietnam / United States market.
  • And today, July 4th, 2021, we, T&M Forwarding, are very happy to be present in the United States to celebrate this wonderful Federal Holiday. America got its independence in 1776. This means America is celebrating its 244th Anniversary of Independence on July 4, 2021.
  • HAPPY 4TH OF JULY & Best Wishes from Seattle to all American Customers, Agents and Partners!

Susan Xuan Baron

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